Sunday, November 15, 2009


Hey, I'm Brad Parbs. I'm a first-year student at UWM, studying Computer Science and I live in the Innovation House LLC in Sandburg. It's the Engineering and Computer Science LLC. I'm originally from not too far away, I'm from West Allis.

It's really awesome living in this LLC, we do a lot of cool things. The picture below is from a recent 'Fort Night' program, where we built a huge fort and watched a movie underneath. It's was really fun.

We've also done some Engineering-related programs. We are currently halfway through a program where we go to Discovery World and build and program robots. It's a really awesome experience.

Living in an LLC is an awesome experience, and is definitely worth it. It's really nice having something in common with almost everyone in your hourse, and it makes it really easy to meet people. Our house is very social, and we're always doing stuff together. We play movies in our lounge everynight, we have have game nights, and of course, have the most awesome programs ever!

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