Thursday, November 12, 2009

Let Me Introduce Myself....

My name is Courtney Schmidt and I am a sophomore at UW-Milwaukee’s Peck School of the Arts. I am studying fine arts with a focus on art education (K-12). I am originally from Belgium, WI. However, during the academic year I call Riverview Residence Hall my home! It is my second year living at Riverview and I absolutely love it!
This year (2009-2010) I am an RA at Riverview and involved with the Visual Arts and Film LLCs. As an RA, I plan programs (with the help of the class instructor) for the residents involved with the LLC. I have planned trips to the art museum, film observations, and much more. We have also had programs where the LLC’s meet with professionals in their field of study. For example, last month the film LLC watched the film, Rivers Wash Over Me, and then we had the opportunity to meet with the director. We were able to ask anything that we wanted to, which was very exciting and inspirational! The visual arts LLC was also able to speak with a master printmaker who has worked with well known artists. My favorite part of planning these programs is to give residents a unique experience that won’t be found outside of the LLC! During my first year at UWM I was a resident who was part of the visual arts LLC. The wonderful experience I had as a resident inspired my involvement this year. I hope my contribution gives my residents the same experience I did.

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