Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Museum and Tree decorating

The Visual Arts LLC had a very busy afternoon this Tuesday. We took a trip to the Milwaukee Art Museum and decorated a tree in Cathedral Square for the holidays.

(Ashley, Amanda and Jordan check out some Warhol)

First we went to the Milwaukee Art Museum. The Visual Arts LLC instructor, Raoul Deal, talked briefly about the various exhibits in the museum. We were also free to roam around to explore the different pieces. Currently, the museum has an Andy Warhol exhibit. It was really exciting to see works that were done by an artist who everyone was very familiar with.

(Megan studies reflections)

(Xeng in front of Milton Resnick's East Is the Place)

After the art museum, we walked to Cathedral Park where we participated in a community tree decorating activity. We chose an ecology theme for our tree. We had one hour to create our idea with the materials we had. It was a challenge, yet a lot of fun! We used found and recycles materials to create a reindeer out of the tree. We used tree branches, old clothing, aluminum, berries, string, and cardboard. After fighting the cold weather the Visual Arts LLC defiantly had the most creative tree in the park!

(The Visual Arts LLC working on our winter tree)

Although the day was busy, we had a lot of fun. I liked having all of the members of the Visual Arts LLC together as a group, as well as the instructor, mentor and myself.

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