Saturday, December 12, 2009

This is why you want to...

So, you might think, "Why should I join an LLC? I can just take the normal course.."
Consider the following and think again....
1. Making Friends is Easier
- When you leave home to go to college it can be really difficult to leave behind your friends and be in an environment with all new people. Being in an LLC, you are surrounded with people who have a similar interest, goals and area of study. This gives you something to talk about with them. You also are attending classes with the same people that you live with which helps create closer relationships. There is nothing like bonding over trying to survive the next big assignment!
2. Have a relationship with your instructor
- This is more important than you may think. Feeling like you can talk to your instructor helps with class confusion, exams and finding resources. Beyond that you will feel more connected to your instructor rather than a number in a pool of people. This is also helpful when you need letters of recommendation or references.
3. Easy resources at your fingertips
- When you are in LLC, you not only have your instructor to help you along the way, you also have your RA and Mentor. Both of these figures major in the field of your LLC so they are great resources about the program you are involved with. Your RA lives on the same floor and can assist with questions about the residence halls as well as any other concerns or questions, your mentor helps you get through any struggles. Both figures will also be able to help with anything related to your LLC.
4. Class is right down the hall….
- Did you have to stay up late? Having trouble getting out of bed? No worries, class is located right here in Riverview. If you sign up for a LLC located in Riverview, it is likely that you will have at least one class located in Riverview. I loved being able to wake up and walk down the hall in my comfortable clothing to go to class. If you are in the art LLC this is perfect when you need to carry around a lot of heavy supplies.
5. Unique Opportunities
- When you are part of an LLC, special opportunities are created for you that you would not receive in other classes. For example, the Film LLC was able to meet with an award winning director who was extremely popular at the Sundance film festival. The Visual Arts LLC is always meeting with artists and doing extra projects and services for the community. These experiences help you learn and grow but are also A TON of fun and look great when you are filling out resumes.

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