Friday, March 12, 2010

Discovery World Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the big day! Lab Rats will be heading over to Discovery World to explore the awesome exhibits and learn all about science and research which is what the Lab Rats LLC is all about. We'll also be going with the Compass Scholars LLC--fellow science lovers.

I've come up with a few goals for the trip that include some specific exhibits:

1) Lab Rats who view and participate in the "Energy and Ingenuity" exhibit will be able to identify at least three different modern advances in energy conservation techniques.

2) Lab Rats who participate in the "Great Lakes Future" exhibit will learn about the ecology and organisms in Lake Michigan.

3) Lab Rats who complete the "Techno Jungle" exhibit will be able to identify at least three recent inventions or technological innovations.

After each exhibit we'll take a few minutes to discuss the exhibit and talk about the cool things we learn! I'm super pumped for all fun science tomorrow--much better than sitting in a chemistry lecture!

~Anne-Marie Cooper

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