Friday, March 5, 2010

Exploring Energy

These days everyone hears about "going green." Whether by recycling, turning off lights, or driving an electric car, everyone has ideas for different ways we can save the earth and conserve energy.

However, how much do we actually know about the science behind things like alternative energy sources and how much do we really understand the impact our actions make on the earth? Discovery World features an exhibit specifically to answer these questions (which is one reason I'm so excited to visit Discovery World with my LLC on March 13th!).

The exhibit at Discovery World is titled "Energy and Ingenuity" and takes visitors through a stimulating experience which will both awe and inspire visitors to really consider "going green." One of the most impressive parts of the exhibit features a nuclear reactor where visitors can control the power of a miniature city. Another section allows visitors to enter a "human hamster wheel" and truly experience how much energy it takes to power lights.

If you're interested in the science behind energy conservation and renewable resources check out Discovery World's exhibit for more info. I know I'm pumped to check it out!
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