Friday, March 5, 2010

Field trip!

On Saturday March 13, the Compass LLC will be taking a science themed field trip.

Here's a brief idea of what we'll be doing.

If you clicked that link, you obviously know I'm kidding.
Though next Saturday I'll totally answer to Ms. Frizzle if anyone calls me that.

What we WILL be doing, is going to Discovery World at Pier Wisconsin, located on the lake front right next to the art museum.
Never heard of it? Here's their
website. It's a really cool place.

So they have a plethora of exhibits that will no doubt appeal to the variety of majors that make up the Compass Program.
I don't think I ever explained that to you all.
The Compass program is a scholarship, funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation, provided to a number of current first year students who are pursuing majors in the natural sciences. This means their concentrations include Geo Sciences, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, or Mathematics. As long as they keep their grades at a certain level, and continue to work towards a degree in this area, their scholarship is renewed.


I drafted up some measurable goals for the trip:

1.Compass LLC residents who attend the field trip to Discovery World will be able to view and participate in at least 6 hands on exhibits that relate to all realms of natural science as demonstrated by our field trip to Discovery World.

2.Compass LLC residents who come to Discovery world will be able to name 3 things they saw that related to their majors as demonstrated by the evaluations I'll have them do upon our arrival back to campus.

So, yeah. That's all I have for you now.

Pictures and a full report to be posted when we get back!


-Carly Danger Wilson

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