Friday, April 2, 2010

Fun Times at Discovery World

So a couple weeks ago we Lab Rats traveled to Discovery World and had an awesome time while learning in the process! None of us had ever been to Discovery World so it was really cool to see all the sweet exhibits. Another fun part is that we got to go with the Compass Scholars LLC, and whaddya know, they turned out to be pretty cool kids!
One of the exhibits that interested me was the energy conservation exhibit. After going through this exhibit the Lab Rats were able to identify several different energy conservation methods that are used today. A few types they picked out included: solar panels, wind turbines, different types of light bulbs, and specialized insulation.
Another highlight exhibit was the Techno Jungle. This exhibit featured all different types of technological innovations and recent inventions. We all had fun trying out the "bed of nails" and got to lay on a platform of sharp nails!
On the bus ride back we talked about our visit and we all agreed that the greatest part of
Discovery World was the aquarium in the basement. Not only did we get to see all sorts of sweet fish but we got to touch them too! (I even held a starfish.) Overall it was a fun time and we learned a lot about science in the process.
Anne-Marie =)

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