Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Welcome to Writing & Visual Culture!

Hello and welcome!

I hope everyone is as excited about this year as I am. And I mean everybody. You (whomever is reading this), your neighbor, and your cousins. Everybody. The Writing & Visual Culture LLC is going to be a smashing good time.

Residents have moved in and we're off to a great start of the year. Down here on NG1, which is where I, RA Jeffrey, and a great number of the LLC residents live, is starting to become a pretty cool community.

My name is Jeffrey Brennan and I'm the RA on G1 in North Tower of Sandburg Residence Hall! I'm a photography and journalism major from Sauk Prairie, WI, a small village near Madison. This is my second year at UWM and first as an RA. As the RA of this floor, I'm also in charge of planning cool events for the Writing & Visual Culture LLC.

I'm excited to meet you all and really get to know you throughout the year!

Here's a picture of me:

(Cool how I just put that right in there, huh?)

Lastly, I'll tell you all about a few things coming up you should take advantage of. Tomorrow is LLC Kick Off Event in Flicks. This a great time to meet everyone involved with the LLCs and perhaps even your instructor! The date again is, Wednesday, September 1st, @ 4:30p.m.

Another cool thing coming up is an event just for us Writing & Visual Culture folks. This will be a time to specifically meet one another and really build some tight bonds between us. So, save the date! Wednesday, September 15th! We'll have food and a cool writing/visual art collaborative to work on.

See you all soon!


  1. Yay Jeff! great post! good luck with everything!!

  2. Are those my sunglasses?

  3. Actually, JB... Those are the sunglasses you so lovingly dumped into Lake Wisconsin a few months ago.