Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Business Panthers at Lubar's Back-to-Business Picnic!

The Business Panthers LLC located in West 5/6 have been extremely busy networking and working towards success!

The Business Panthers LLC kicked off their year by attending the Business Ice Cream Social in Lubar's Undergraduate Student Advising Office N297. There, the Business Panthers students enjoyed refreshing sundaes and conversations with the Lubar staff. Howard Spearman, a Lubar Undergraduate Business Advisor, talked with the students and explained how the Advising Office could help them. Then Greg Krejci, the Director of Business Services, introduced himself to the students and told them how his office could help them explore majors and careers, build their resume, and search for internships. Krejci also shared that he would personally edit the students resumes if they set an appointment with him ahead of time- just because they were in Business Panthers!

On Wednesday, September 22, some of the Business Panthers attended the Back-to-Business Picnic located at Pangea Mall to put their networking skills to work and get a delicious lunch sponsored by Lubar School of Business and Direct Supply. The picture above shows some Business Panthers students with their RA Louella Aquino and their Mentor Blen Bayu. Some students were not able to join due to class conflicts - there are some dedicated and studious students in this LLC!

Coming up, the Business Panthers will have another LLC event called "Lubar in the Residence Halls". Now that Business Panthers have made several trips out to the business school, it's time to bring the business school to them! Stay tuned for more information on this exciting event coming up fast in October!

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