Thursday, September 2, 2010

Business Panthers on the Prowl for Success

Hello and welcome to the Business Panthers Living Learning Community (LLC) at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee! This is the inaugural year of the Business Panthers; nevertheless, our LLC and our LLC students are on their way to big success.

I’m excited to introduce myself to you as the Business Panthers LLC Resident Assistant. My name is Louella Aquino and I’m a second year student pursuing Marketing and Spanish. It is my first year as a Resident Assistant, and I’m excited to also be able to guide the Business Panthers LLC. Before declaring my major this fall, I have already been fortunate enough to have had two Marketing internships: first with the Milwaukee Art Museum and second with Motorola, Inc. This year will be an exciting one for me as I dive deeper into my business education and explore business with my LLC students!

These are pictures of a Marketing Intern at work at the Milwaukee Art Museum: helping out at MAM: After Dark and the Brewers' Sausages' photo shoot.

The Business Panthers LLC will help students (already interested in business or still contemplating) explore business majors and careers, develop a sense of belonging with our Lubar School of Business, and academically and professionally reach success.

As the Business Panthers RA, some quantitative goals I have set for myself that align with the LLC's objectives are: 1) Have 80% of students in the LLC continue to pursue their business degree and remain in the LLC. 2) Recruit at least 3 students interested in business to the LLC. 3) Have at least 1 LLC student obtain a well paid, respectable internship at the end of their first year.

The Business Panthers LLC is located in West Tower Floors 5 and 6. Stop by, say hello and become successful with us!

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