Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The CS Welcome!

The Writing and Visual culture LLC is off and running smoothly, ladies and gents!

It's the fourth week of class now and hopefully we're all adjusted to the living and learning that has been going on.

Down here on G1 of North Tower things seem as creative and social as ever. I'm so excited to see all the residents hanging out and making friends. What's more, the friends we're making are our future network! As creative individuals, networks such as this will someday (or already are!) crucial to success!

You might be wondering what "The CS Welcome" is?

Let me being with explaining the name: The CS. The CS is a name for both the group of students in the Writing and Visual Culture LLC, and one of the nicknames for our floor (North G1, the Ninja Turtle Lair, NG, and now The CS). The Creative Suite, in the unabbreviated form, implies a general interest in creativity the residents of North G1 share. Maybe it's visual art, theatre, music, literature, or just a healthy interest in creativity. The people of North G1 are creative people. Thus the new nickname.

You have to admit, calling ourselves The CS is much more hip and edgy to say than Writing and Visual Culture LLC.

"The CS Welcome" was an event that took place on Monday, September 20th in Sandburg Residence Hall. It was an opportunity for residents of North G1 and students in the LLC class to meet, mingle and eat delicious pizza. Students enjoyed food, refreshments and good conversation. Not only did they get all that, but UWM mascot Pounce the panther stopped by for some entertainment and school spirit.

The CS is doing well, I hope you can see. However, to make this more clear next time, I think an official event photographer should be appointed. A picture of Pounce would have made this entry supreme! Send me a pic if you have one!

Thanks for reading!

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