Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Health Care in the 21st Century Update !


Alright so the beginning of the year is off to a wonderful start. The latest thing that we have had as a fun event occurred right after the house meeting! Everyone gathered into a circle and played ninja. It was hilarious to watch everyone trying to make moves to protect and hit others hands at the same time! It was a great bonding experience for all those involved.

I do have to say though 15/16 in North tower is the place to be. Up to this point we have had a good 6 movie nights were everyone just decided they wanted to get together and watch a movie, as well as, a GREAT game night where a bunch of people sat in the lounge and got to know each other over a rousing game of apples to apples. But it is not all just fun and games over here, oh no... we also have a tone of creativity. A few individuals got together and decide to make a Robot.... Props to them !

Everyone in the LLC for health care thus far is a blast to talk and hang out with! I can't wait for the future events and fun times I know will happen with all these wonderful students!

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