Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hey Health Care in the 21st Century !

Hey everyone !

I am Nikki and I am the RA for the Health Care in the 21st Century LLC. This is my second year as an RA for an LLC and am really excited for the different opportunities it provides for the residents. I am from Kenosha, WI but now call North Tower 15/16 home! I am in my 5th and last year of school and thus my last two semester are made up of Nursing Clinicals. I am engaged to a great guy who actually lives in east tower at the moment. I really can not wait for the year to get into full swing. The LLC welcome event today should be a blast. Remember LLC students to mark on your calender Sept. 27th since their will be a Tie Dye event where you get an awesome LLC themed shirt and then get to make it your own. Not to mention you will be able to talk not only your professors but other individuals in the Nursing and Health Sciences programs. Making Connections, plus having a blast....what more can you ask for?

Till next time, Nikki

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