Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Meet some of the panthers in Business Panthers!

Q&A with some students in the Business Panthers LLC

Major: Undecided but thinking about business

Q: What do you see differently with the community you have in the Business Panthers LLC and communities that are Non-LLC?
A: “[Here in Business Panthers] we are a lot closer. We have more common interests and we can relate better”.
Q: What has being in the Business Panthers LLC done for you personally?
A: “It has inspired me to reach goals I never thought I had.”

Nick likes to ride his motorcycle and go to the gym to lift weights in his free time.

Major: Architecture and Business Minor

Q: Why did you choose to live in an LLC instead of a Non-LLC environment?
A: “I was never really involved in high school, and I found that I didn’t really fit in anywhere. Being in an LLC made me think that I could find more people like me that had the same interests”.

Major: Marketing, Finance and Real Estate with Certificate in International Business

Q: What do you like best about Business Panthers?
A: “Everyone has the same major and we all have the same [business] classes. So if you need help with your homework or you need to discuss something in class you didn’t understand, you can just go to someone on your floor”.
Q: How do you feel about your fellow Business Panthers?
A: “I like everyone in the LLC, they are all down to earth but also business motivated. I’m building long lasting relationships. And when we are older and have careers, these are the people I know I can go to.

Taylor competed in his DECA’s International finals, and is trying to start a DECA chapter here at UW-Milwaukee.

Major: Accounting
Q: How do you think Business Panthers has or will help professionally (career and academic wise)?
A: “Well it looks really good on a resume. And being in Business Panthers, [RA Louella] introduced us to some ‘big guns’ in the business school. If I wasn’t in Business Panthers, I probably would never know or meet some really important people in Lubar”.

Nakia has her eye on working for Pricewaterhouse Coopers, one of the Big 4 Accounting firms in the world. Nakia is also organizing a West 5/6 Family T-shirt and a Business Panthers T-shirt.

**The above individuals were interviewed and informed of this blog post with their permission. They also approved of their picture. All individuals in this blog post are aware of this blog post and approve of this blog post.

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