Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Milwaukee Film Festival

This semester is already off to a great start as students in the Film Video and New Genre LLC have already become a close knit group of film makers. They have used each other as motivation to go out and start filming and making projects. Just this past Thursday I was walking back from Kenilworth and got near the Architecture building when I saw a group of my residents taking pictures. When I asked them what they were doing they said they were working on homework for their film class. Getting a head start most of them ended up finishing the assignment a week before it was due. Thus giving them time to spend the night in our lounge watching a movie.

This LLC has already proven to become a great benefit for the students as they have resources to bounce ideas off of and collaborate as well as give feed back. It is something I wish I had as a first year film student.

What have we been up to?
Just last week we had our first official LLC kick off where a group of about 20 of us got together and played some Scene It! and eat pizza. Poor choice on my part was that I forgot to order the drinks. Oops. We had a blast though and it was a very much back and forth race as we had four teams two of which held a strong lead and than suddenly it all turned around.

Most of the residents attended Pantherfest and had a great time hanging out together. As far as enjoying the headliner that is something you would have to discuss with them.

Also like I mentioned before you can always find them in the lounge about every other night watching a film. All the chairs are filled and you can't forget about the beloved LoveSac.

Whats up next?
We are currently planning to attend the Milwaukee Film Festival. Everyone has a good list that they would like to see as the film festival has a large amount of highly acclaimed films. So you probably will be able to catch one of them at most of the screenings at least at the Oriental. We will be attending as a group to the film Breathless (2010 Restoration) a film I enjoyed watching as a first year film student and one that will be talked about in their film classes as it focuses on the 1960 film style with black and white.
Films they have their eye on? Buried, Hipsters, Lucky Life, Waiting for "Superman" and much more.
The students also are considering volunteering at the Film Festival as they receive a free tshirt and entry to a movie.
Volunteers can register at http://www.milwaukee-film.org/section/volunteer

Thats all we got for now! Join us sometime!

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