Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Need Help?

It's hard to believe one month has gone by!

By this time in the semester all of UWM is moving full speed ahead. Hopefully students understand how their classes work and what expectations instructors have of them. Before we know it, midterms will be upon us!

If you're still feeling a little overwhelmed by the semester work load, that's okay too. If you need a tutor or help with your work, find those resources on campus now. Even if you have the smallest inkling of stress in the future, reach out NOW! It will be easier in the long run, I swear it.

Some campus resources I recommend checking out:

The First Year Center

This resource could be your one stop answer to all of your questions! If you're a first year student, this is a great place to find help. They have wonderful advisors who are there only to help you. Go here to talk, meet classmates/peers, and get access to tutors and mentors. The FYC is located in Bolton 120.

The Writing Center

The WC is open to all writers on campus, freshman to grad students alike. The staff here can help develop ideas to write, organize thoughts, revise drafts, and help you refine your writing ability.


Many of the classes you are in have tutors assigned to them and are completely free to you! They'll answer questions, review material, and ensure your understanding if you go to them. If you class doesn't have a tutor, hit up the FYC and see if you can find one.

I recommend you do these things early (now!) and start forming good study habits. It might be a lot harder to form these habits when it's just days before a final...

Thanks for reading!

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