Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Second week of Creating Your Future

Hi everyone! How's everyone doing? Well, our LLC - Creating Your Future meet up every Wednesday and it's been going great. There's about ... 20 students in the class and I'm trying to remember everyone's names.  It's hard but we all live on the same floor in one wing so I'll get it soon :)
Have I explained what this class is about?  Well, the class is more like a classroom-type but it's all good.  This class is about exploring your future career options.  Most of the students are undecided but have an idea on what their career might be.  Some students, like myself, have declared our majors but decided to join for more resources and information.  Today we played CAREER PICTIONARY and my team won (with my awesome artistic skills, just kidding) ! And then we evaluated our interests, skills, values, etc. and we're gonna fill out this major scorecard.  That's the exciting part! (for me at least) So, I'll update with you all next time :D

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