Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A CS Update

Here's the update on the Creative Suite:

G1 is a place to socialize, stay up late (while maintaining healthy sleep schedules, of course), and become really close to a group of friends!

G1 is a great place to watch a movie or play Halo Reach.

G1 is a quite, friendly place to do homework (Like Alex is right this very moment.)

G1 is THE place to watch Glee. Every Tuesday night at 8/7 Central, flocks of seasoned Gleeks and newcomers enjoy the humor and music of FOX's hit musical show.

The people who live on North G1 are naturally social and kind! If you're looking for a place to relax, check out G1.

G1 might also be the place to start your own business... Check out the work of the North G1's very own Noah Johnson and his T-shirt company, Stray Ink, on facebook!
Beyond the impromptu TV watching sessions or Halo marathons, the CS has some exciting things coming up! Keep your eyes open for dates coming out soon for these cool activities:

  • Mario Kart Happy Hour
  • The CS Goes Downtown

Thanks for reading and see you soon at one of these cool events!

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