Tuesday, October 26, 2010


The CS is heading to the Milwaukee Art Museum in November!

This will be a great opportunity for us to check out the museum and discuss art and culture outside of the school setting. For those that have never been to the MAM, take advantage of this!

The Writing and Visual Culture class with Nic Learned is planning a similar trip to the MAM on Nov. 9th. Their trip is planned around the chance to hear curators give a gallery talk about the latest exhibit, European Design Since 1985.

European Design is open now and at the MAM until January 9th. For the CS folks, this will be a perfect time to check out this exhibit. Here's a link to their page all about European Design at the MAM.

So, ladies and gentlemen of the CS, mark your calendars for November 13th-- our tentative date! And if your in Nic's class, for November 9th!

Thanks for reading!

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