Monday, October 11, 2010

Off to Discovery World!

Well, on October 17th the Lab Rats will be on an adventure around Discovery World! I think we're all getting pretty excited for the trip. Discovery World has a little something for everyone, a music area dedicated to Les Paul, a really cool aquarium, an exhibited regarding the future of the Great Lakes, and many more options. Each student in the LLC can relate his or her major to one of the exhibits: Kristin is a biology/pre-vet major and can learn about the life cycles and anatomy of different aquatic life at the Reiman aquarium exhibit. Shelbie is a forensic science major and can learn about how many gallons of water the average person has in their body at the Liquid House exhibit. Tyler is thinking of majoring in graphic design and pursuing a career in video gaming and can learn about gaming technology at the Hive exhibit, which will take us on a "3D journey" and have the faux-environment respond to our movements. Mike is a chemistry major so he will learn about water molecules and Lake Michigan in the City of Freshwater exhibit. And both Parijat and Anurag are physics majors, so each will learn a little more about physics through the Energy and Ingenuity exhibit, which shows us the inside of a nuclear reactor.

Stay tuned over the next couple weeks to see how our trip went!

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