Saturday, November 6, 2010

Just Ten Minutes

The Film LLC decided to help in the University Housings Compete to Reduce Campaign.

University Housing has partnered with the Lucid Design Group to monitor our energy and compete against other schools in the country to see which University Housing can reduce the most. Everyone likes a little friendly competition so to encourage residents to participate we made it a competition within our own housing complexes.

North Tower came up with the idea to get its residents to turn off everything and go unplugged for Just Ten Minutes A Day. We figure everyone can give up ten minutes. Also every Wednesday we have the No Power Hour at 7pm to help reduce our usage.

The Film LLC and a few friends got together and made a video to help! This is what we put together in a couple hours.


Copyrights: Weigel Broadcasting Co.

To Check UWM's Energy Statuses Check Out:

Also there is a bulletin board at the base of North Tower that gives the standings for each day!

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