Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lab Rats Update

Well things are chugging along in Lab Rat Land at the moment while Amanda (the Lab Rats mentor) and I finalize our LLC's final "end of semester" bash. Within the class, the students are getting one-on-one interactions with other undergraduates within their majors by visiting their labs and getting some insight in where they could be potentially placed during the next semester. The students are also currently discussing the pros and cons of being engaged in research as a freshman and the importance of time management. Soon, the Lab Rats will be conducting lab interviews with professors in their field of interest until successful research placements for next semester are found.

This is super exciting because the entire point of the seminar is to be placed into a research lab! Once the students begin their experience in the labs, they can have the opportunity of publishing their own work by submitting abstracts to conferences and can really start building their academic resumes.

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