Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Signing, Oh my!

The ASL LLC had a very fun time at the Milwaukee county zoo, even in the cold and rain!
some high lights were getting to pet a Bat, ashley being playfull with a baboon and the adorable tigers! This was the first time at the Milwaukee county Zoo for most of our residents that went, and they enjoyed being able to see the animals upclose (even if they were behind 2 inches of glass)!
Enjoy the pictures!

1 of 3 very cute and playful Tigers!
(Jill wanted to take one home so badly! but they are not allowed in the residence halls unfortunately)

(from left to right)
Back row: Heather, Jill, Bri, Ashely, Kelsey, Sarah,
Front: Isiah and Kelly (me)

This is Ashley's new BFF, he wanted to play with her so bad but the glass got in the way :( but he tried his hardest to get to her. then settled with making faces at her, and hitting the glass.

Good Luck on final exams! and see you all next semester

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