Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Well Panthers we did, we made it to the end of the semester!
It has been such a fun semester (and the fun hasn't ended quite yet).
This week Sue Conway from the Study Abroad office came to talk about an exciting new study abroad program for ASL students, which will give them the opportunity to learn Italian Sign Language in Italy! And we had 20 residents from our floor inducted into the West Honor Society at our fabulous banquet which included receiving a certificate, a T-shirt, and enjoying a chocolate fountain, all to recognize those who have achieved academic success this semester.
Some of our residents were first to arrive and got the best seats in the house!

This coming Saturday we will be going to the zoo for some fun in the cold with our furry friends! We are going to have tons of fun while learning some new signs!
Everyone is in need a break and it has been well deserved! The residents of the ASL LLC have been working very hard and doing very well in their classes! I am very proud of all of them and I am looking forward to an excellent second semester with them :D

Good luck on exams and Happy Holidays!

Until January!

Kelly Keuper and the ASL LLC

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