Monday, February 21, 2011

Semester 2

I thought for a second there that spring was gently descending upon us... I also thought: what a great thing to write about as I welcome my readers into a fresh semester for the Creative Suite located at NG1, North Tower...

It seems, however, after that blizzard yesterday and the continuing snowfall into today, spring has decided it's time is not yet.

Don't let the persistent winter bring you down though! After all, this IS the start of something new. In terms of class work, you should be able to tackle new challenges with ease after that brutal first semester of college. And hopefully it was fun! Hopefully you've made friends with your living-mates and are excited to finish the first year of college.

If you haven't made friends, or don't have the necessary tools of writing and visual culture to succeed this semester (probably not the case)... woe is you . BUT. Never fear, the CS is here. Just like in Semester 1, the CS will provide social and educational events to make sure you finish the year with friends and good grades in all writing and visual education courses alike.

Our community is focused on learning and developing strong social bonds. These bonds make the educational process easier because, in many ways, we're doing it as a group.

In conclusion of this post, I feel it is my civic duty, as a participant in a great democracy, to seek your input regarding what type of activities you (my readers-- current CSers, future CSers or just lovers of blogs) would like to see happen on NG1. Share your ideas in the comments section and help be a part of what the CS will become!

I hope the readers of this blog are as excited for this semester as the author is. 'Cause it's destined to be pretty awesome. Get on board.

Thanks for reading.

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