Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Beyond Borders LLC

Pizza Flag Cook-Off

       So, the first event that the Beyond Borders LLC had was a Pizza Flag Cook-Off paired with an icebreaker.  We first played the icebreaker or also know as team builders so that the residents of the LLC could get to know each other.  The icebreaker was Country and Leader.  Each resident had either a country (example: United States) or a leader of a country (example: Barack Obama) taped to their backs.        The residents had to figure out either what country or leader that was on their back by asking yes or no questions.  Once they figured out what they were they had to find their match and get to know them.

       After the residents were done with the icebreaker we then did the Pizza Flag Cook-Off.  Each resident was give a picture of a country's flag.  The main food that was part of each pizza was an english muffin for the dough.  Then each resident used other food materials like onions, mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese and much more to make their pizza look almost like their flag.  They created some of the most wonderful creations whether it be exactly like the flag or something completely opposite.

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