Friday, September 30, 2011

Creating Your Future LLC

HELLO!!!! My name is Celia Osorno and I am the mentor working with the Creating Your Future LLC, which is located in Riverview. This is my fourth year at UWM and I am almost done with my degree in psychology, but I am just starting on my journalism degree, so I probably will be in school for another year.

This is my second year working for the Student Success Center as a mentor and my first year working with an LLC. I am really excited to be involved in this new way and work with Michael (the RA for our LLC) to make the LLC a great experience for our students. I have changed my major a bunch of times before finally deciding on JAMS and Psychology so I am the perfect mentor to give advice to the undecided students in our LLC and help them navigate through their first year at UWM!

Other than work for the SSC, I am playing club soccer for UWM this year and I am involved with the Society of Professional Journalists. I am originally from Green Bay, but I now live full time in Milwaukee on the East Side. I really enjoy going to concerts, hanging out with my friends, exploring the city and going to the beach, in the summer that is, when I have free time away from school and work!

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