Friday, September 23, 2011

Hello everyone, my name is Ashley Erdman. I’m the RA for the Art and Design LLC in Riverview. I live on the 2nd floor. This is my 3rd year as a RA and I so happy to be working the Art and Design LLC. I’m a senior in the art program, majoring in Sculpture and jewelry/metalsmithing with a minor in Art History.
To start of the year, we started with a Kick Off event that happen on August 31st. This event was shared with Cambridge Art and Design community. The event conceded of doing chalk drawing that was turned into animation. The residents first had to picked a work to imitate. Their word was CREATE. This worded kind of embodies what residents are going to be doing this year. They are going to living and breathing art. Even after this amazing event residents continue to do these animation drawing. Alex and Daniel created two amazing animation that have figured, airplanes and birds. I saw this animation and I was so impress that a first year student could create something like this.
All the residents seem to be talking up drawing a lot better than I have seen in other years. There is drawing going on all the time. I wish I had that kind of motivation when I was a first year student. The lounge has become a place where residents are drawing and learning from each other. The girls for the 224 suite have been working very hard on their drawing skills. Lets just say that there is going to be a lot of still life drawing by the end of the year.
This year we are hoping to create a lager community. Meaning reaching out to other communities, not just the ones in the resident’s halls. You might be asking yourself why do I have to do this. Well someday you are going to need in the art community. Collaborative art is one of the most popular kinds of art forms. To get the ball rolling in collaborative art movement residents will be working toward doing a mural for Riverview that will embodies the Riverview community.

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