Friday, September 30, 2011

Lab Rats LLC!

Hi, I'm Lexi, and I'm the RA for the Lab Rats. The Lab Rats are devoted to undergraduate research, which is something that makes UWM unique.
The Lab Rats are going to be doing a lot of cool stuff this year. To start the year, we introduced our theme for 2011: Underground UWM. The goal is to show the Lab Rats many of the parts of UWM that are not typically seen by students or students don't usually know about. We started with a tour. First, we explored the Student Athlete Facilities at the Klotche center. These facilities have been used for undergraduate research in the past, so it made sense for the Lab Rats to see them. They got to see examples of research projects that other students have been a part of. Next the Lab Rats paid a quick visit to Cunningham Hall and walked through the chancellor's office. After Cunningham, the Lab Rats were given a tour of The Green Roof on Sandburg. The final stop on the tour was Special Collections in the library. Special Collections is not restricted, many do not know about it because it is hard to get to (It's on the 4th floor. The stairs don't go up to it and only a few elevators can get there.)
I'm really looking forward to this year and everything the Lab Rats are going to do!

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