Thursday, September 29, 2011

Science and Innovation House Mentor!

Hey all!
My name is Ross Goessl, I'm a sophomore, and I'm studying Mechanical Engineering (ME) at UW-Milwaukee! In addition to majoring in ME, I'm hoping to recieve a minor in Spanish. I'm originally from Middleton which is right outside of Madison, however, I love Milwaukee and I'm really enjoy living on campus in East Tower. Finally, as you can guess from the title, I am the mentor for the Innovation House this semester...WOOOOOO!
So what are some of the fun things students in the Science and Innovation House will be doing this semester? To start off, 20 students will have the opportunity to build Lego Mindstrom Robots at Discovery World! These students will go down to Discovery World every Monday for 10 weeks and build ROBOTS. As part of the welcoming day for LLC, everyone in the LLC watched a video on some of the robots made from previous years and those robots were awesome. We are also planning on having a speaker come in to talk about different types of Engineering to help students figure out what they want to do. Finally, sometime in November we are planning on taking groups of LLC students to various Engineering Student Organizations meetings. A lot of the students have expressed interest in joining clubs, so this should help them narrow down the search!
Oh yea, I'm looking forward to a great year working with this LLC! Alright, back to homework :p

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