Monday, September 26, 2011

Wirting and Visual Cultures LLC

Hey all!
My name is Sean McBride and I'll be the Writing and Visual Cultures LLC RA for the 2011-2012 school year. My academic background is fairly scattered across the university. I started my time here at UWM (as may students do) in Architecture Studies. After the first year (again... as many students do), I realized that I would be more suited for a different major. That better place for me ended up being Conservation and Environmental Science.

So then, why Writing and Visual Cultures? How do I fit in with this LLC? Well, in my first year I took just about any and every class that was of some interest to me. I was still trying to figure out where exactly I belonged. One of the many classes I took was a creative writing class. Creative writing has been an interest of mine for the past few years now. I was that kid who never received an 'A' in an english class before I was in a Sci-fi literature class. That class had also incorporated creative writing into it. It was the first time I was actually allowed to do my own thing with writing, and ever since then it's grown on me tremendously. I ended up testing out of English here at UWM and went on to take two of the creative writing courses for the non-English majors here as well.

I'm looking to have a great year with all of the residents in my LLC as well as trying to connect with other LLC's. We should be able to put together many fun programs that will build upon your knowledge in writing and show you all the amazing things you are able to do with it as well. I'm excited for this year, and I hope that you all are as well!

Hope to see you around,
Sean McBride

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