Friday, October 28, 2011

Half way there!!!

Well everyone we are half way to the end of the semester! We have been having tons of fun on the Honors House so far! We have had Dr. Schuster from the Honors College come to talk to the LLC students about how to be successful in the Honors College. We had a Busy Student Relaxation day in our lounge were we banned homework from the lounge for a few hours, dimmed the lights, listened to some calming celtic music and had a tea party! It was a big hit and we hope to do it again real soon! We have been spending the past week or so decorating the lounge for a Halloween house decorating contest! I have post some pictures below (all pictures taken by the fabulous Ryan Radtke)


We have also been planning a big trip to Discovery World mid November which should be some real fun! but more on that next time!

That's all I have for now keep chugging everyone! Another half to go!!!

RA Kelly Keuper

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