Saturday, October 22, 2011

Over the past month the art community has had some amazing events. To start off October the residents were able to do the art walk of River West. Almost every resident were able to participate in this event. They were able to learn about the River West community and see how artist in Milwaukee function. This was also got residents more comfort with this community.
Then residents were about to participated in the free Thursday at the Milwaukee Art Museum. For some of the residents it was their first time ever going to the museum. This created something new for them to try. They were very engage with leaning about the building and all the artwork inside. With that it brought up the question of “what is art”. The question is going to hunt art student forever. Even I’m trying to figure out this question. No luck so far answering this question.
Now the big event in the art community is Gallery Night, which is October 21st and 22nd. Gallery Night is where artist’s opens up their studios and share their creations. It is event all over Milwaukee with many types of arts. Some resident took the time to travel to these galleries to see what is out there. There were able to see what the 3rd ward is all about. They seem to enjoy the 3rd ward with it’s older building and the people that in that community.

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