Monday, November 14, 2011

Innovation House at Discovery World!

Hey all!

Three months into the semester and the Innovation House has some awesome things going on!

The highlight of the semester has got to be Discovery World! Ten Freshman including myself our half way through a program at the interactive Science Museum designing Lego Mindstorm Robots! Every Monday night for three hours, we design, test, and build Robots that utilize bio-mimicry. What I mean by bio-mimicry is that we are designing robots to mimic a plants action. You might not think plants move, but they actually do! The Venus Fly Trap closes its leaves to capture bugs and insects for food, the traditional bean plant moves its leaves around to maximize sunlight intake, and the exploding cucumber plant launches/explodes its cucumber when touched by something. The most exciting part about this whole process, is figuring out how you can design a robot to accomplish your specified plant task. And that is what we are working on! I will try to post some pictures if our finalized robots when we complete them! Stay tuned :)


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