Monday, December 5, 2011

Lab Rats Planetarium Trip!

On Friday the Lab Rats went on an outing to the Manfred Olson Planetarium to view the 2012: Fact or Fiction show. I recommend that anyone who has concerns about the 2012 predictions go to this show, which takes place on every Friday at 7 through December 16th and costs $2. The show completely put my fears about 2012 to rest! 2012: Fact or Fiction takes five theories about how the world will end and then gives detail about how each theory is nothing to worry about, and then ends with a star show that first shows the stars as they would be seen from Milwaukee and then shows them as they would be viewed in the country. I learned the location of several constellations that I had known little about before, like Cassiopeia. The Lab Rats had a blast and I recommend this presentation to anyone who has nothing to do this Friday night.

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