Monday, December 5, 2011

MAM Writing and Visual Culture Trip!

Hey All!

Just a quick update on an event we ran a while back. 17 students from the writing and visual culture LLC went on October 25th to the Milwaukee Art Museum on for a quick afternoon field trip. Accompanied by the professors of the English 101 and 102 classes that are connected with the LLC, members perused the museum at their own pace looking into traveling exhibits in the art of impressionism.

Other exhibits there included collections by an artist of things unseen to most people. Through consistent letter writing and calls this artist was able to photograph many things that often go unspoken of or even known of to your average person. Some photographs of interest were samples of live HIV Virus, the cross Atlantic cables, the cryogenic freezing apparatus containing the frontier scientists of the field, and even a rejection letter from Disney refusing to allow any photographs be taken behind the scenes as not to ruin the magic of it all.

Many students were also taking the Milwaukee buses for the first time as well which was an eye opening experience in and of itself. Overall it was a fun break from the daily dragged out grid of classes and gave all the students in the Writing and Visual Culture LLC a chance to see some practical applications of Visual Culture in everyday art.

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