Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What classes should I take? Honors LLC is planning for next semester

It's around that time in the semester where all of us start planning (and hopefully not panicking) about what classes to take next semester. Many of the Honors House students have been asking me what Honors classes I would recommend to take or which I wouldn't. However, my response to the students may not be helpful in narrowing down classes because I have to tell them that all of the Honors classes are great! Honestly, I have not heard of one Honors classes that hasn't been really intriguing, fun and informative. I've taken three Honors courses from three different professors and because each professor is unique, I learn unique things from each of them. I think the LLC students have learned that we may not love every professor, instructor or TA we have, but we can learn something from all of them and make the best out of every class we take because after all, it's up to us to learn. I think most of the students have their schedules all figured out for next semester now and are looking forward to completing finals, enjoying winter break and getting back to campus!
Have a great winter break everyone and see you in 2012! :)

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