Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February: Study Abroad

It is Study Abroad Month for the month of February for the Beyond Borders LLC. 

This month the LLC focused on Study Abroad and the different aspects of it.  Earlier this month the Beyond Borders LLC was able to have their own Study Abroad Information Session.  Sue Conway from the Study Abroad Office was able to come and create a session specifically for the LLC students. The students were able to learn about the different options that the office has and the different options that around them for studying abroad though other school and programs.  With this session the students were also able to ask questions that could possibly further their knowledge of studying abroad and also help students complete their applications if they already started. 

Late in the month the LLC hosted a Study Abroad Q&A for the students of the LLC.  The goal of the Q&A was for the students to be able to ask more personal questions to student who have study abroad.  The LLC was able to have a panel of fours students and one facility member to answer the questions.  The panelists ranged from small study abroad trips like winter or summer to longer trips like a semester abroad.  The students took great advantage of the panelists and asked wonderful questions.  With the Q&A session the students also gained a greater insight to the immense amount of things that one can gain from studying abroad; may that be for a winter or summer break, semester or year long.  

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