Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Honors House Spring Semester/ Disney College Program

Well our last semester together is here and we have some fun stuff planned! We will be going to the Milwaukee Public Museum, having some more relaxation days, and a Honors House Awards night (more details to come)! 


I would also like to take some time and  inform you of a special opportunity that you can all have that I will be take advantage of after I graduate in May. I will be moving to Florida for 6 months to work at Walt Disney World Resort with the Disney College Program. I found out about this paid internship through my friends who were also RAs and have done the college program in past semesters. The Disney College Program is available for both Disney World and Disneyland and is made up of 3 components: Living, Learning and Earning.

       Living: You get to living near Disney World and Disneyland in one of the Disney operated apartment complexes that come fully furnished with a kitchen, dinning room, living room, and you can choose the number of bedrooms you want in you apartment. You will share you bedroom with 1 other person of the same gender, age group (21+ or below 21), and date that you arrive in Florida or California. Each complex has a pool, exercise facility, laundry facilities and access to public transportation (although brining a car is advised). Your rent will be taken out of your pay check each week and varies from complex to complex and is based on how many bedrooms you have in the apartment.

        Learning: You have the opportunity to take course will on the DCP at Disney University. These class range in topic from guest relations, to building your own resume, to Disney History. Some of these classes can even earn you college credit at UWM, most students are able to get 12 credits from participating in the program. The classes are generally 2 days per week and do not cost any money other than the cost of supplies or books, although you may need to pay UWM tuition to remain a student.

          Earning: You will be given a "role" in the Disney show, other wise known as a job! Yes you will be paid but it is usually around minimum wage. You will be trained for you role then put to work! While you are working at Disney World be assured you will be working long hard hours, some shifts are 8-13 hours. Each role offered for the Disney College Program provides a unique and diverse learning and working experience. From costumes to role responsibilities, participants will find that no two jobs are the same. However, all participants will have the opportunity to develop their communication skills, problem-solving skills and work on their confidence and self-reliance. This is great opportunity to network within the Disney corporation and many CPs (college programers) go on to have a, professional internship, part-time job or full time job.
        some roles you may be places in to are:
Character Attendant, Concierge, Attractions, Full-Service Food & Beverage, Vacation Planner, Hospitality, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique/ Pirates League Hostess/Host, Merchandise, Quick-Service Food & Beverage, PhotoPass Photographer, Hopper, Housekeeping, Main Entrance Operations, Transportation, Costuming, Recreation, Lifeguard, Bell Services Dispatch/Greeter, Custodial, Character Performer (audition required). 

     The application process simplified is as follows: decide when you want to work for disney (Fall: aug-jan, Fall advantage: may/jun-jan, Spring: jan-may, Spring advantage: jan-aug), fill out the application, complete a Web Based interview, schedule a phone interview (if you pass the WBI), and wait to be accepted, pended or denied. If you are accepted you will be asked to pay $300 housing down-pament to cover you first few weeks of rent and then choose your arrival date! If you are pended you will need to keep you fingers crossed for a few weeks/months longer until they can decide if there is a role available for you. If you are denied do not fret you can still apply again for a later program
and yes you get tons of discounts at the parks, resorts, shops, and even the cruise line

If you are interested in this wonderful opportunity check out this website: http://cp.disneycareers.com/en/default/

Then contact our Campus Representatives if you want more information on this program! They have information sessions coming up March 12 &13th!


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