Saturday, February 4, 2012

Reaching New Heights!

Hello fellow LLC lovers!
Now that the second week of the new semester has come and gone, this semester should be a breeze! BUT if you're not super psyched about this semester or still trying to back in the swing of things no need to worry, you've definitely got this! This semester is full of advantages:

1) You have a semester of experience, you know what works for you or what doesn't work for you 2)You've met at least one person (if not you always have your RA and Mentor to help you meet people :] )
3) You know the campus layout at the bare minimum and can start exploring resources
4) Even if you're brand new to UWM you're surrounded by people who have all of the insight listed above!

So now that you have all this going for you, time to reach some new heights! Use the resources that are there just for you! Things like PASS for tutors and supplemental instruction, Student Accessibility Center, the Writing Center, your TA/ Professor's office hours, and the advice and info on upcoming opportunities from your adviser can give you the academic edge. And there's the Women's Resource Center, The LGBT Resource Center, Neighborhood Housing office, Center for Volunteerism and Leadership, the cultural centers and office of undergraduate research in Bolton hall, and a million.....maybe not that many but a lot.....more opportunities to make this semester the best yet!

Make some new friends, start some new habits, explore the city, make UWM YOUR school, and don't forget to have an awesome semester!

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