Sunday, February 12, 2012

Welcome Back!

Hey everyone!  It's Michael, and I'm really excited to be back for Spring Semester.  I had an awesome break spending time with friends and family, and now I'm back and ready for a lot of fun times with the LLC!  So far we have made some excellent progress I think; Celia and I have been working on getting some fun events planned for the LLC, we even have one coming up at the Rec Center on February 27th, and we had an awesome planning meeting with the residents that we think will work out great! 

For the event on February 27th, we will be going to the UWM Rec Center for the Rec'd Olympics!  Put on by the Student Success Center, UWM Police Department, and Norris Health Center, the Rec'd Olympics will consist of everyone bowling, playing pool, or whatever else you want at the Rec Center betwee 6-8PM.  Drunk goggles will be provided as well as information/literature explaining the effects of alcohol and drug on your abilities to function.  It should be really educational!

As an LLC, since we have so many different interests, we are also looking to collaborate with other LLCs.  Celia and I are looking into a few different things, and we're really looking forward to some good things!  Until next time!


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