Friday, February 17, 2012

what a semester

It’s been a change in the llc this semester. The residents have started my favorite kind of art, which is 3D art. Right now they are working on the foundation of 3D art by create their own paper sculptures. They also plan this semester to do a community art project. The location was us conformed and I can’t wait to see what they create.
On March 10th is going to be another big event where residents will be able to show case there. The event is called “Spring LLC Art Expo”. This event will be happen in Cambridge Commons from 2-5. So family, friends, and UWM community are all welcome to celebrate this amazing art that the residents are making.
Then another thing that is plan for the art and design llc is a great trip to Chicago. This trip will give residents the opportunity to see art that is happening all over the country. When I was first year student I took a trip to Chicago to see these art shows. One of the reasons I continue making art and have a passion for art is because of a 3D teacher plan this same trip. I’m hope residents will get the same experience out of it as I did.

RA Ashley Erdman

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