Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cold/Snow vs. The Fearless Architecture Student

If you haven't spent much time in Milwaukee this winter, let me explain what it has been like. The temperature has been above average most days, usually hovering around the 40 degree mark. Snow? What is this snow you speak of? Milwaukee, snow? Not this winter. We have had hardly any snow and when it does fly, people are unaccustomed this year. So, with all that being said, the day we have planned to take our LLC downtown to sketch, it's COLD AND SNOWY!

The morning we were supposed to go downtown, Lucas (RA) and I had talked about whether or not we would still take the students if the snow let up. We discussed the possibilities of sitting inside and trying to sketch outside subjects... but in reality, it was just NOT a good day to go. We decided to post pone the sketching day and told the students we would need to reschedule. Upon receiving the email of the cancellation, 8 fearless architecture students challenged the discussion and still wanted to go out for the day and sketch. The weather ended up improving a bit, the snow gradually stopped, and Lucas ended up taking those 8 students downtown and the sketching day was saved!

We have some other great events in the works for the rest of the semester so stay tuned!

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