Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March: International Diplomacy

For the month of March, the Beyond Borders LLC decided to go with the them of "International Diplomacy".  The first event to spearhead off this month was the Fireside Forum on Foreign Policy through the Center for International Education.  With the forum residents ware able to learn about some of the major international concepts and how they dealt into American politics.  Some of the concepts were immigration laws, sustainability efforts and other things.

The next event that took place was the United Nations Simulation in Cambridge Commons.  Each student  portrayed a country of their choice and became the United Nations for a couple of hours.  They also had to discuss and come up with a resolution about "Nuclear Armament and Non-Proliferation" dealing with reduction of nuclear power and weapons across the globe.  It was a enjoyable experience all around for the students.  They were able to use skills of cooperation, communication and their understanding parliamentary procedure to create an amazing resolution.

The students were also given the opportunity to participate in the Wisconsin High School Model United Nations at UW-Miwaukee as a facilitator.  Not all students were able to participate in WHSMUN due to running through spring break.  For the students that were able to facilitate, it was a great experience for them.  They were able to understand the other side of the United Nations while being chairs, vice chairs or rapporteur for committees or councils and helping high school students gain the understand of being a country.  Without the help of the students, WHSMUN would not have been as successful.

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