Monday, April 2, 2012

Having A Blast!

This semester we've had some really awesome events so far.  Celia talked about the round table discussion we had with a few individuals from campus resources, but we had a couple other great events!

First of all a few of the residents participated in the Rec'd Olympics at the Union Recreation Center with some of the FYC staff and it was a ton of fun.  We were able to bowl, shoot some pool, and play ping pong with the drunk goggles on.  There were even a couple of officers from the UWM Police Department there and it was fun being able to talk with them and even see one of the officers try the goggles on. 

This is Jon, Wes, and Celia by the penguin enclosure.  It was a little cold for us, but definitely just right for the penguins!
Then, not too long ago, we were able to go on a trip with the American Sign Language LLC to the zoo!  This was probably my favorite event all year; we got to see the animals and learn some animal names in sign language!  (My favorite was definitely the sign for "lion.")  It was a really great opportunity for everyone involved to meet new people and learn something from one another.   
Here are some students by the gorilla enclosure!

This month in RiverView we have a lot of awesome events coming up as well.  So far we've got a RiverView vs. Cambridge football or soccer game in the works, a Traveling Taco Tuesday, and a trip to Gordon park to hang out and join the weather.  Other than that, I just hope everyone has a great semester and finishes the year strong!

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