Monday, April 2, 2012

Pick Your Classes Day! (Almost)

Hi Everyone,

Today in the Honors LLC we are having a "Pick Your Classes" event to help the LLC students choose classes for next semester. I can't believe we are already picking classes for the fall. Time flies! Deciding which classes to take can be really stressful especially if you aren't sure what your major is but hopefully with the help of myself and RA Kelly, we can minimize the stress! Choosing classes should be a fun opportunity to try something new, further explore an interest, or simply get one step closer to graduation! It should be a fun time bonding and prepping for our next academic year.

In other news, on April 18th, we have another Busy Student Relaxation Day. These are such fun days. We turn off all the lights, play relaxing music, and put our homework away for a few hours. It's a great way to find a little peace in the middle of our busy lives. Also coming up is our trip to the Milwaukee Public Museum on April 13th. Our trip to Discovery World last semester was a huge success so we can't wait to explore the city of Milwaukee together again in a few weeks.

Well, that's all for now. We have a lot of great events to look forward to in the final weeks of the semester.

--Mentor Molly

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