Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Science and Innovation House Engineering Olympics

Engineering Olympics Bridge Competition and End of the Year Wrap Up

To begin, I want to talk a little bit about the Engineering Olympics which have been going on every Wednesday night in the LLC common area for the past 4-5 weeks.  Round 1 of the Olympics was the famous Egg Drop.  We saw many different designs from parachutes to crazy looking helicopter contraptions.  In the end, every team’s egg project had splattered except team Nic Jacob and Ross.

Round 2 was the Tower Competition! How high can you go?  Teams were given 6 UWM Post newspapers to build the tallest free standing tower possible.  There were some great looking tall structures, but could they support their own weight?  Unfortunately for 3 teams, their towers immediately fell eliminating them from the competition.  The winner, with a tower spanning the entire height of the common area from floor to ceiling, was team Kyle and Josh!

And last, but not least, Round 3 aka the Balsa Wood Bridge Competition.  Looked at by many as the highlight of the Olympics, 4 teams took on the challenge to build a bridge across a 1 foot span to see how much weight their bridge could hold.  With a winner takes all mindset, 4 teams went to work building the strongest, coolest, and most durable tower.  However in the end, only Team Spencer and Team Nic, Jacob, and Ross completed the competition forcing a tie for first.  This event concluded the Olympics and we are looking forward to making the Olympics even better next year!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have enjoyed being the mentor for the Science and Innovation House this year, and I’m proud to say that I will be returning! :) With a great group of Engineering students and even better events, I had a lot fun and met a lot of great people.  I’m looking forward to building upon my successes that I achieved this year into next.

With that, good luck on finals everyone!

And until next year, this is Mentor Ross signing off!


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