Saturday, August 25, 2012

Meet Your Mentor

Hello All!

My name is Tyler and I will be acting as the Mentor for the Bio-Math/Environmental Sustainability LLC. Just to give you some quick facts about me, I am a Junior double majoring in Biology and Biochemistry; Also I'm working on a Mathematics minor. I'm from Racine, WI but I have lived in Milwaukee since my freshman year here at UW-Milwaukee. Just to give you all some info on the Environmental Sustainability and Biology-Mathematics LLC, it is for students who are interested in environmental science and/or combining mathematics with biology. Further the whole goal of this LLC is to the participants how to take biology-mathematics approaches to environmental issues.  The reason as to why I'm involved in the LLC is that I am also a participant in the UBM program, a Bio-Math research program. 

Anyway that's all I have for now, but I can't wait until I am able to meet you all!

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