Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Meet Your Mentor

Hi folks!

Can you believe that the fall semester is here already? Where did summer go? Thank goodness we have a million awesome things at UWM to look forward to...makes summer ending much better. For those of you who might not know me, my name is Molly and I am returning this year as the Honors Living Learning Community mentor. I can't wait to start another year with the awesome Honors students. We had a blast year in the LLC going to Discovery World, hanging out with Dr. Schuster and the other Honors professors, and enjoying our Student Relaxation Days. As we approach this upcoming year, I'm looking forward to planning many more fun (and Honors related!) events. I'm hoping to find some way to incorporate Persepolis, the common read, into an event or at least a discussion out in our house's common room on the 2nd floor of West Tower. For any readers who aren't in the Honors House LLC but happen to be first year Honors students, we have the Honors College Orientation coming up during welcome week. You should have received letters in the mail as reminders and we also have been mentioning it at every New Student Orientation, so don't forget! That orientation is a great way to meet students and your future professors as well as win great prizes (aka gift cards, Bucks/Brewers/Panther swag and all sorts of other great stuff!). Make sure to mark your calenders if you are an Honors College student! Speaking of Fall Welcome, there will be TONS of great events for all first year students. Free food and fun events all while getting to meet faculty, your First Year Mentor annnnnnnd other first year students. It's like one big UWM celebration to welcome you to campus. You better not forget! Well, I think that's all I have for now.  I can't wait for move in so I can meet all of the new students and hang out during Fall Welcome.

Til then,
Go Panthers!


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